In Budget 2013 certain changes were made to the ECA regime for energy-saving technologies. These will go live on 7th August 2013 and will change the eligibilty of some items currently listed. One new technology has also been added to the list - Carbon Dioxide (C02) Heat Pumps for Water Heating.

There are a total of 19 technology categories with changes to the criteria meaning any taxpayer looking to benefit fromthe enhamced levels of allowances the regime provides must check the items are still listed immediately prior to completing their order for ECA’s to still be available.

Additionally, there are four technology categories that will no longer be eligible for ECA when the Treasury Order goes live, which are

  • Automatic Boiler Blowdown Control Equipment
  • Condensate Pumping Equipment
  • Switched Reluctance Drives
  • Automatic Air Purgers

Again, if a taxpayer wants to claim ECAs on one of these tecnologies then they must complete their order prior to 7th August 2013.