Expert Tax Saving Advice for Property Owners

Advice on Capital Allowances for you and your advisers, when you spend money on commercial property.

We are a niche consultancy providing advice on all types of expenditure on property, throughout the UK. We work closely with many other professional service providers, particularly Accountants, to provide complementary valuation and technical expertise.

Whilst we’re happy to discuss capital allowances with anyone, our advice typically helps those with projects ranging from the £100,000 fit out contract to the £250m acquisition of a large trophy building.

How we can help you

With experience measured in decades, rather than years, our team has encountered and successfully resolved almost every issue and situation you’re likely to come across. It is this expertise through experience that ensures we offer timely, effective and pragmatic advice on a range of issues, including:

  • Pre-acquisition guidance for investors and their lawyers, including forensic research into prior claims
  • Valuations in accordance with the Capital Allowances statute and the Valuation Office Manuals
  • Advice on the sale of property to ensure your interests are protected and tax allowances are not lost
  • Pre-planning of Capital Allowances claims on the construction of new buildings and extensions
  • Structuring of lease incentives and capital contributions
  • Technical advice on any aspect of the Capital Allowances Act or current HMRC guidelines
  • Audit of past claims prepared by others to ensure nothing has been missed
  • Negotiating settlement of claims prepared by a third party that HMRC are enquiring into
  • 4 Accountants
  • 4 Investors
  • 4 Surveyors
  • 4 Solicitors
  • 4 Occupiers